BEVALO Sector: Beverage Production Launch: September 2016 Functional drinks concentrates producer, what a mouthful - these guys make innovative high end healthy stuff! We ran the project from an R&D stage all the way to product launch in January 2018. Today the brand concept is implemented in hotels, wellness centers, cafes, bars, and resorts. Now growth is the next stage.
N2K Sector: Professional Services Launch: June 2018 We assisted the launch of Need 2 Know platform. We also frequently use their services to augment our own results. N2K disentangles technology-science based themes into an easy to grasp clear road maps, explains and clarifies, and provides solutions, as well as Expert on Call professional service.
MIMINOS Sector: Digital Education Launch: July 2018 Digital early childhood education platform of highest quality with augmented linguistic component brings elemenets of Shichida, Heguru, and Doman methods to a new level. We are proud to be part of this exciting project full of important aspects that makes a real difference.
Our small portfolio of select opportunities that we pursue includes several projects in various stages. Rooted in our research, supported by numbers and results of vigorous qualitative studies, we combine the best of our academic approach with an energic hands on entrepreneurial approach.
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