About Avenida Research
Everything worth doing is worth doing well. That is the principle that we go by. We are a focused, dynamic research firm with genuine interest in our coverage area and a drive to continuously improve on our products. Our research products include a range of publications on Brazil, monitoring subscriptions service, and select other services.
Our core team has continuous presence in Europe. Close associates are based in various locations around the world and cooperate on individual projects. Constructive teams. We firmly believe in order to maintain uncompromisingly high standards, our clients are best served by a flexible network of associates. Each project we take on is at the appropriate moment assigned a small team of first class professionals from the relevant fields of expertise. That way we are able to contribute the required inputs to our projects, while maintaining a consistent process ensuring integrity of our work. Flexible services. Investment research, proper due diligence, is only the beginning of a never ending effort to put capital to work. To best address the needs of our clients, we have a flexible model combining research, advisory, and implementation. We are committed to moving great ideas from paper to reality, and apply skilled implementation to carefully selected projects. Comprehensive research. We look for solutions, flag the risks, provide new perspectives - all while keeping practical considerations in mind. We stay sensible without compromising our passion, which gives us enough energy and drive. We love what we do, and that is a valuable asset both our firm and our clients benefit from. Unique approach. Avenida Research draws on combined industry and analyst experience of its internal resources and closely related associates. We commit our energies to excel in every single mandate we receive. Via our unique business model combining theory and hands on approach, we tie our interests very closely to the client. For this reason, our business model is particularly well suited for HNWIs and family offices, as well as funds and small institutions.
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Managing Director Radka Santy, is overall responsible for the research platform. Radka started her career with Credit Suisse in London, and after relocating to Prague at the end of 2008 held various positions within investment banking and private equity groups active in the CEE region. She spent 6 years in the trenches of various VC projects, acquiring a portolio of practical skills to underpin her financial background. She holds a degree from the University of Cambridge, and earned her CFA charter in 2010. Lead Advisor Stephan Peters, CFA, has spent most of his career working with emerging markets. With M&A experience from a top tier investment bank in London, and a telecom and technology focused private equity firm in Dubai, Stephan has worked extensively in the Middle East, Africa, and Eastern Europe. Currently based in Luxembourg, Stephan has experience with impact investing and SRIs. With both industry and investment experience, he adds invaluable insights. He holds an engineering degree from Delft University of Technology, an MBA degree from INSEAD, and earned his CFA charter in 2011.